Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV

Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV

This new generation RRV offers tremendous flexibility. Its interchangeable dipper arm gives it both a long-range and close-range reach, making it an efficient all-rounder.

The Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV comes with two interchangeable dipper arms. Firstly, the 5.5m dipper arm gives it a long-range reach of around 11 metres. This not only allows you to place OLE structures high up in the air but it also provides the reach to place materials across adjacent lines and into the CESS – so on a two-road track you can deliver materials to both sides from one road. Conversely, the second 2.1 metre dipper arm provides close-range reach for the heavy lifting. What’s more, a bucket can be fitted for digging and profiling, and it can also run MOVAX and BSP piling hammers.

Other features include fitted outriggers which provide immense over-the-side lifting capabilities – extremely useful when piling lineside as it enables the machine to reach and install piles that other machines cannot. The Doosan Ultimate 270 RRV is also fitted with a spaceguard system, so it can work both ALO and under live OLE.

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